The Jug Club

Water sucks. Most people would agree. It’s boring and flavorless, yet we all need it to survive. And turns out most of us aren’t drinking nearly enough. In a quest to remedy the lack of motivation in drinking water, The Jug Club was born. We wanted to capture that same motivation you feel when you get a brand new workout outfit and successfully SMASH your workout as a result. Now you can match your jug to your unique style, and SMASH your water drinking goals. And given that most gallon covers make it difficult to see how far you’ve progressed in drinking your gallon throughout the day, we decided to include a window, one that tracks your water for you. Split into equal segments that you can write in the hours of the day, our Water Tracking Window is sure to keep you on track to successfully finish a gallon by bed time! We also had your convenience in mind when we included a pocket and key hook on the side, no need to leave a trail of your belongings at the gym.
But the bottom line is this: if you’re decked out in cool gym gear, shouldn’t your jug be too?
That’s what we thought.

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